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301 Redirect For WordPress Blog

So it appeared i could not keep both sites running, so i figured out how to make a 301 redirect which is the best way to redirect your links, without upsetting your search engine rankings.  It was really simple to do.  All I did was create a new .htaccess file with the following code and placed it in the root of my old website.   Everything from my old site redirects here now with no problems.

redirect 301 /blog/ http://www.theCrazySteve.com/

Just so you can understand what is happening.  My old blog was in www.domain.com/blog/  what i am telling your webbrowser (and spiders) to do, is any thing that points to www.domain.com/blog/(whatever) to point to http://www.theCrazySteve.com/(whatever) .  If you dont have an extra folder level like me (/blog/) you can just put / there like this:

redirect 301 / http://www.theCrazySteve.com/

Obviously changing your domain name.

This website has great information on redirects, and the pro’s and cons to different types.

Spiders and 301 Redirects