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8 July

Google Voice, A New Adventure in Telephony.

Google VoiceToday sparks a new era in telephony.  Today i received my invite to Google Voice.    I have been very interested in Google Voice since it was originally called grandcentral.   In this post I will give you a brief overview on some of the exciting features Google Voice.  My next blog will take you though the setup process, which was quick and painless and more in depth with configuring the features for your needs.

For those of you who are not familiar with Google Voice, it is a “telephone management service”  that is now offered by google.  In today’s day and age many people have multiple phones accessible to them.  I myself carry two cellphones, and I have a desk phone at work.  But many people have more then that, multiple home phones, fax lines,  cellphones, ect.  The concept of Google Voice is to consolidate this down to 1 single number that people can call or send SMS Text messages to.  At my job we were considering a service like this it was often referenced as “Find Me, Follow Me.”  What happens is when someone calls your Google Voice number, it will call every phone number you have defined, in an attempt to “Find You”.  When you answer whichever phone you are closes to, it will send the call to that phone, and drop all the other phones.  But Google Voice has taken this a step further and added a plethora of features.   Not only can you get voice mails from this system, but you can also have it forward your txts to all of your phones.  With a service like this you can now freely switch telephone carriers, telephone numbers, switch jobs, ect and still be able to be contacted with your 1 main Google Voice number.  Removing or adding a phone is very quick and easy.  But Google Voice does not stop with find me follow me, lets look at some of the more interesting features: Read the rest of this entry »

29 April


So it has come to me that my about page is a bit more popular then i thought, so i figured i would update it.  I am a 28 year old male living in Orange County NY.  I am currently employed as a Systems Administrator, as well as a part time agent of BestBuy’s Geeksquad.  As you may have assumed I am quite Tech savvy.  I have huge interests in Video games, computers, new technology, movies, ect, and even cooking.  I also own my own house, so i get involved in many projects around the house because of it.  I hope you like what you read, and even if you dont, feel fee to leave comments, id love to hear what you think.  I’m hoping this blog can be a good outlet for me, and help me develop better writing skills.

Thanks for stopping by, hope you find something interesting along the way.

- Steve