1987 Topps Baseball Card Template

Size 10"x14"

A few years ago, I made this template for my companies Softball team. I chose one of my favorite baseball card styles,1987 Topps baseball card.  I don’t know what it is about the 1987 Topps cards, maybe its the wood grain, maybe its the interesting slogans, maybe its the fact that have boxes upon boxes of these cards from when i was a kid.   Whatever the reason is, i worked on the template, and did my best to make it look as close to the originals.  The template is 10″x14″ and can easily be scaled down to a normal baseball size card.  I found that if i made it larger, I had more control over the end result, plus i can make bigger images to send people.  Unfortunately I never got around to making the back side of the card.

This Template contains the following Layers

  • www.thecrazysteve.com: Branding Layer, please leave this if you distribute, can easily be disabled
  • Team Logo:  I used the Mets  Import or create any logo you want on this layer
  • Future Stars:  A Rainbow Style Logo used to show upcoming “Future Star” players
  • All-Star Rookie Trophy:  Player who won “All-Star Rookie”
  • Manager: Team Manager
  • Name: Text Block for name in Black or White
  • Name Plate: The original Cards have a box that the player name is in, it varied in color.  I have included all the colors available on the original deck.  Orange, Dark Orange, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Dark Green, Light Green, Yellow, Red
  • Photo:  this is where you put your player Photo.
  • The Remaining layers are Different pieces of the card, the border, Topps logo, ect  These could really be merged into one, but i left them separate in case someone wanted to modify them.


PSD and Sample Files Can be Downloaded Here


Size 5"x7"  With Future Stars Logo

Size 10"x14"

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