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Facebook and Twitter alive

So i have given in and made it so my blog cross posts on facebook and twitter for added exposure.  Those of you who have found my blog this way, greetings 🙂  Welcome, and i hope you enjoy your stay.  As for other loyal readers… i know, i know, i need to start posting more.  well meh…

Ojos De La Tigra

Beautiful viewsOjos De La Tigra is a new and exciting Costa Rican development, being built by my Uncle. I have spent many hours working on his website getting it to a much better place then it was before. The new website is much more professional looking then the previous site. It is in no way perfect, but its my master piece.

Ojos De La Tigra, roughly translated means Eyes of the Tigress, and how right it is. The beauty of this country holds no bounds. Located on the southeastern coast of the Nicoya Peninsula Ojos De La Tigra is Costa Rica’s best kept secret. Beautiful views are just the tip of the iceberg in this real life paradise. Visit the Webpage at http://ojosdelatigra.com/ If you are interested in more information.