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24 August

Parenting Fail: The Pillow Monster!

Child being suffocated by pillows.

Child being suffocated by pillows.

So yesterday I was at Wal-Mart, (seems like any time I see something stupid it is at that place… wonder why) I’m standing on line waiting to pay for my goods, and I see this woman pull up on the line next to me, with what appeared to be a cart full of pillows. I thought to myself, “Maybe she likes pillows, who am I to judge.” About 5 min into the wait, I notice that the pillows in the cart were moving, yet no one that I could see was touching them. Then from behind the pillows emerged a young child gasping for air. That’s when I quickly snapped a picture with my trusty blackberry. Shortly after I snapped the picture, the father and son arrived, they were a Hasidic Jewish Family, and then suddenly everything made sense.

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3 August

AfroSamurai The Game: Completed

Afro Samurai The Game AfroSamurai is a 5 part animated miniseries that aired on SpikeTV In early 2007.  I had never heard of this show until the release of the video game this year.  Even then i did not think much of it, but something told me to add it to my gamefly game list.  A few months back i finally received it.  I held on to it for a little over a month playing through its colorful and imaginative levels.  I still have not watched the episodes, but i am now more interested in them then ever.  The main character “Afro Samurai” and his sidekick are voiced by none other then Samuel L. Jackson.  As you could imagine the game is full of as much violence and profanity as i think they could squeeze in. Read the rest of this entry »