Game of the Week: Simpsons Tapped Out

It’s been a while since I posted so I decided I should post a new one.

So I’m going to post about my new secret obsession “The Simpsons: Tapped Out.”  As many of you know I hate farmville and games like it, so it is to my shame to admit I love this game.  It is basically a Simpsons themed farmville.  What makes this game fun and addictive is the Simpsons! The basic premise of the game is that in classic Homer fashion he was goofing off instead of working and he blew up Springfield.  It is my objective to rebuild Springfield how i see fit.  I can build all the different areas in Springfield like the Simpsons home, or the power plant, or the school, etc.  I hate that i like this game, but it has me hooked.   If you get a chance check it out its available on IOS devices

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Check after the break on how to unlock a secret item ‘The Jebediah Springfield Statue.’

So you want to unlock the ‘The Jebediah Springfield Statue.’  well it really is quite simple.  Find homer when he is in a spot you can click him.  Click him so he is active (you will have a quest list show up)  then start tapping him like crazy.  Every time you click him you will hear him say something.  If you tap him enough you will get the Statue.

Ive not been able to find anything else like this in the game.  Let me know if you find something.

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