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4 November

Woot Bag of Crap: Woot-Off 10/21/10 Part 2

So Last night i received my Woot Bag of Crap from the 10/21/10 woot off.  If your not familiar with woot, or the woot off,  Please read this post, where i got my first bag of crap.

So without further wait.  Here is this rounds Bag of crap:

See the video after the break

YouTube Preview Image

Snap digital camera
2 Philips HDMI adapters (funny thing is i already ordered a few of this when they were on woot)
Extendable Surge protector

One Response to “Woot Bag of Crap: Woot-Off 10/21/10 Part 2”

  1. BigBadBob113 Says:

    That was worth the $8.00. Sadly, no Snuggies…

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