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10 June

Why is Leather So Expensive?

So the other day I got to thinking, Why is leather so expensive?  Why is leather considered a luxury item?  The more i thought about this, the more confused i got.  As i sat there eating my hamburger in Cheeseburger in Paradise, i wondered,  how is it possible that Americans consume so much beef, yet we are still stupid enough to pay extra for leather seats.  Hell i ate that cow the seats should be free.  Ill tell you this much… ill get down to the bottom of this puzzle.

Dinner waiting to happen

2 Responses to “Why is Leather So Expensive?”

  1. Rob Says:

    Dude, I would rather have my car seats made out of cheeseburger than leather. That way if Im driving and feel the need to munch, Im golden.

  2. kinesha Says:

    same because cheezeburgers are yummy and i always get hungry when im in the car lol but i wonder why they are rediciously expensive

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