Dell Tech Support Chat Log

Agent-Mike: There is no broken plastics or missing feet on that system also right?
Steve:  no
Steve:  but i can break some if you would like me too
Steve:  😛
Agent-Mike: HEHE no thanks
Steve:  ok just checking 🙂
Agent-Mike: I sent you an email and if you have questions please email me.
Agent-Mike: XXXXXXX is your case number.
Agent-Mike: Is there anything else I can help you with today?
Steve:  what do i do with the one you sent me?
Steve:  just send it back?
Agent-Mike: Go ahead and use the return label to send it back.
Steve:  ok
Agent-Mike: Is there anything else I can help you with today?
Steve:  sure do you like baseball?
Agent-Mike: Sometimes
Steve:  whats your favorite team?
Agent-Mike: Mariners
Steve:  are you in washington?
Agent-Mike: No I am in Idaho
Agent-Mike: I watch it when I can
Steve:  ahh potato country
Agent-Mike: yes
Steve:  are the potatoes really good there? or is that just a myth?
Agent-Mike: I would say that they are pretty good
Agent-Mike: Oregon as well
Steve:  hmm ill have to check it out one day.
Steve:  i bet theres a lot of irish people out that way
Steve:  us irish people love our potatos
Agent-Mike: Yes
Steve:  the only thing i know about oregon is the trail
Steve:  you ever been on it?
Agent-Mike: yeah

Agent-Mike: It came through Idaho as well Steve:  o sweet is it cool looking? or is it some crappy highway now?
Agent-Mike: There are areas you can still see the ruts but most is covered by a highway.
Steve:  that stinks, leave it to america, to pave over history
Steve:  but i still love being an american
Steve:  you ever been to ny?
Agent-Mike: Nope but I want to
Steve:  its pretty cool you should come
Steve:  im about an hr north of the city
Agent-Mike: Oh ok
Steve:  so close yet i never go
Steve:  but its def something to experiance
Agent-Mike: Yeah I bet
Steve:  when you come bring some potatos
Steve:  and we will trade it for pizza
Agent-Mike: I will make sure I do
Agent-Mike: You have a great day Steven. You have my email in case you have any more questions
Agent-Mike: Anything else
Agent-Mike: ?
Steve:   ok dude you too
Steve:  great talking with you
Agent-Mike: Yes
Steve:   cant wait to see ya in the big city
Steve:   have a potato for me
Agent-Mike: Will do
Agent-Mike: Thank you for choosing Dell! We are always available at Please feel free to close this window at your convenience.

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