Resident Evil 5: Completed

Resident Evil 5

My first exposure to Resident Evil 5, was the demo available on psn.  After playing this demo, i thought this game was horrible.  The demo was extremely hard, and within 10 min of playing i was stuck dying over and over again.   I quickly uninstalled the demo, and said, guess im not playing that game again.   The Resident Evil series has always intrigued me, but i always found it too difficult to play, and i usually walked away from it before really getting any where.   Somehow RE5 ended up in my gamefly list, and before i realized it i had a copy sitting at my house.  So i figured i would try out the game one more time.  Now its always been my usual tenancy to play the games on medium, because playing on easy was always too easy.    I played about 10 min into the game, and was stuck in the same spot.  I threw the game to the side and said i was gonna play something else.  But something was nagging me to try it again, so this time i put it on easy….

Resident Evil 5: Easy.

I immediately  found the game much more playable, and thus much more enjoyable.  I quickly became confortable with the control set, and enjoyed the game more and more.  The most interesting thing about the way this game is made is the 2 player coop.  Its a drop in drop out style play, where you can have people join your game and they bring all their gear and items they have earned.  Its very interesting.  Also unlike alot of previous RE games, this had levels, and upon completetion of the levels you could save and have new online friends join.  Also you can go back to any level you want and replay it it get gear or something that you missed.

I played through almost the entire game before rob got his copy through game fly.  this is where it really took off.  I am def adding this to one of the few multi player coop rpg’s out there that were actually fun to play together.  We both decided that we will buy the game when the price drops (since we both beat it) and play through it online some more.

All in all i think this is a great game.  Now that i have all this gear i can play through medium in a breeze.

I give it a CrazySteve Ranking of 4.5 out of 5

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