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A few weeks ago i wrote this blog entry.

So today i took the A+ Certification Tests. For those who don’t know, the A+ Certification process involves 2 tests, The 601 A+ essentials, and the 602 IT Technician. Each test, tests your knowledge in different areas of computer support, repair, and general knowledge that any IT support person should have. For the past 7 years i have been making excuses why i could not take the tests, and otherwise being lazy. I had built up these tests in my mind to be harder then they actually are. I finally decided, I need to start moving ahead with my life. Its strange how sometimes you build something up in your mind so much, and it ends up being the complete opposite. In the past, Not having an A+ certification cost me potential job’s. I even spoke to a place that would not even interview me because i did not have this certification. I know plenty of people who have obtained this certification, and i would not trust my PDA with them, let alone a whole computer. The only thing Organized test like this show is that someone can cram their head full of a bunch of useless data, and regurgitate it back on to a piece of paper (in this case a computer screen). Yet, with out this stupid piece of paper, you are not worth looking at. I can understand why certifications exist, but there should be more to these things. How can someone who has almost no idea how to fix a computer, be certified to do so? what if an ASCE Master technician never had to touch a car, would you want him working on your car? This just goes to show that there are 2 types of learned people in the world. Those who are “Book Smart” and those who are “Street Smart.” In this case “Street Smart” means someone who has practical knowledge on a subject that you would never get out of a book. Basically, real world experience. This is what i would be looking for as an employer, not a piece of paper claiming they know what they are doing. Now that i have set the goal of obtaining my A+ Certs, i am now Pressing forward towards my goal of Microsoft Certified Software Engineer (MCSE). From there… who knows. See you then.

2 thoughts on “CompTia A+ Certification

  1. But you see, the people who are “book smart” are certified,and seen as professionals. Thus, if a certified person does something and breaks your computer or whatnot, he can be held responsible since he is certified and seen as an expert. On the other hand, “street smart” people are not officially recognized, and thus you have to take their word that they know what they’re doing. If you go to someone who is not certified, and they mess up, you have no grounds on which to blame them. If anything, people will be like “dude, why did you go to that guy who isn’t even certified?! You’re crazy man.”

    Thus, anyone who is street smart should use their skills to get the same certification and recognition that the book smart people do.

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