Monthly Archives: May 2008

San Diego, California

This is my first blog… so don’t expect it to be fantastic.

So here I am, at the end of a week long adventure in San Diego California. It all started Sunday May 4th. I arrived in SD at about 12pm. I knew immediately this city would be like nothing I have ever scene before. By sheer chance I got to meet up with three good friends I have not hung out with in quite a while. Kyle, Keith, Chris, and I hit the town. We wandered around downtown SD for quite a few hours. Even though there was not much going on since it was Sunday, I still had a blast just hanging out with my friends. The weather this week was less then desired. It was cloudy and Chilly (low 60’s). Kyle was a great tour guide around town. We went to the beach 3 times (the last time it was actually nice out.) We went to the park, where I found out the zoo and museums close at 5pm. I wandered around downtown a lot. Continue reading San Diego, California